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BEST CHARTING SOFTWARE REDDIT has almost any and all technicals you can put on a chart and it scales them very well when going between charts. Though it does. Barchart for mobile app. Best app I've ever found with accurate info for stocks, futures, currencies, and options. In order to difficult >tradovate, overcharts, quantower, ninjatrader, DayTradr, SierraChart, TT technologies. For best análisis i prefer. I'd recommend TradingView if you plan on still trading through Fidelity. If you are open to changing brokers then I'd switch to TDAmeritrade . ToS is the best IMO. You can use unlimited amount of indicators. TradingView is nice, chart looks bigger, but you're limited to only 3.

Honestly if your looking for orderflow tools, Quantower, Ninjatrader, and Jigsaw is best. Trading view doesn't have the tools that the other. TradingView is generally accepted to be the best free platform out there, and you can do a LOT with it. Agree. Sierra Chart is very good. Very low cpu usage too. Can run multiple instances. Get a broker that is supported by them and use their. Etrade is a nightmare. Their system always creates a mess with corporate actions. Also, their system limits your day trading buying power if you. Also, while great for analysis, TV sucks as a trading platform. I'm using Tradovate as the broker for some funded accounts and even Tradovate is. Lumpy_Gazelle · R and quantmod · 2 ; notdoingdrugs · Urvin Finance · 2 ; just_a_screenname · quiet wide rich roll sense fade weary serious far-. Which application/ software, website has the best real time chart I can use for free? I have tried TradingView, WeBull desktop, Thinkorswim. Keanu Reeves. See more. RESOURCES. About Reddit · Advertise · Help · Blog · Careers · Press · Communities · Best of Reddit · Topics · Content. and yahoo finance are great for charting, analyst expectations and financials. Tradingview is a much more efficient, smoother, and intuitive platform, especially for more technical traders. I see why people might not be. Ninjatrader is good and widely used. Upvote 3.

It's either Quantower vs Sierra Charts. Expect to pay around a $ a month give or take with data fees and the orderflow package. This is about. Tradestation and Fidelity. The Tradestation app is pretty good, significantly better than Fidelity's. Considering Think or Swim, ETrade's platform, or Fidelity Active Trader Pro. One thing to consider is the PC. I heard some of these programs. I've throughly used nearly all the platforms. Webull is user friendly but lacks the details. IBKRs is great but a little overkill. But Cobra is. WeBull. Open an account and download their program just for charting. It's really good. The only ones worth recommending IMO are TD Ameritrade (specifically the ToS platform) and TastyTrade. You can't go wrong with either of them. I. As for platforms, Das Trader Pro, Lightspeed, ninja trader and so on are all great but come with their own pros and cons. DAS is crazy fast and. As for trading - get a more professional, detailed brokerage. I suggest Fidelity. TDAmeritrade/Schwab is pretty good but has some fees where no. +1 for quantmod: it's great for financial time series. With TTR you can easily add any technical indicator you can think of. You can work with.

Tradingview's screener is by far the best I've come across FYI, a list of the reasons why (and other helpful stock research tools for. My personal opinion is that TC does some things well and Tradingview does some things well, but Tradingview is better by a good margin. I use mt4 for trading/execution. For education and references, charts, trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics and market news, I use. To me it's "Sierra Chart" - you can do anything in there, it's completely customizable. It has tons of indicators and types of charts. Also. More posts you may like · r/LocalLLaMA icon. r/LocalLLaMA · r/website icon. r/website · r/PPC icon. r/PPC · r/personalfinance · I need the best.

For a top-notch stock charting experience on MacOS, I'd like to recommend two exceptional platforms: TradingView and TrendSpider. Both offer. Free Stock Tracking/Charting Tool? Question and begin charting. r/software icon. r/software · best free budget/. DAS Trader, Motive Wave, Medved, Sierra Chart, Ninja Trader (Futures) all can connect to TWS or the portal and most can use IBKR data as well.

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